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A bit about me, Stephen DeVore!:

Before Film... there was music!

I've been making music since they told me I sang a National Anthem at Age 2. Haha. Piano recital by Age 7 or 8. First lyrics at Age 11. First song around age 14-15. First Classical music before Age 18. Tons of songs from 18 on! Both Secular and Spiritual!

After 10+ years of making songs and pieces on Guitar or Piano, I took college Music Theory. Then a DEGREE in Audio Engineering. Then: Composition, Arranging, MIDI, Songwriting, and Film Scoring.

Also sang both Tenor and Bass in 4 Choirs, including the UW / University of Washington's University Singers, Choir of the Sound (COTS), SC College Concert Choir, and Shoreline Evening Jazz Choir. But I do

Love singing Lead Vocals and harmony.

Let's make music!


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Music & Film Music || Audio/Sound for Studio Recording (Recording Studio Audio) || Sound for Picture || Editing

Music Producing and Music Video Producing

Camera & DP/Cinematography || Lighting

More About Me (just text)

More MUSIC Details!


I have been making Songs since I was 11, and making Music since shortly thereafter. In college I took Music Theory, and took Film Scoring via Continuing Education. I also took several Songwriting workshops. I even got Certificates and Degrees related to Music because I loved to fluidly compose music!

Playlist: See just below.

Other Music Links: More coming.

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Degrees (3.9 & 3.89) and several Certificates related to Studio-Audio and MIDI - in part, to help me record my own music - I have enjoyed this process. A big love has been in Editing others' music (examples way below). And I have at times enjoyed Music Mixing and Music Recording because I COMPOSE! More about all that elsewhere here.


Some MIXES By Stephen DeVore (I have also Recorded and Edited Music!)
Must request Mixes by Stephen DeVore of others' music, as they are protected.

Some EDITS of Famous Artists By Stephen DeVore (I have also Recorded and Mixed Music!)
Must request Edits by Stephen DeVore of famous artists' music, as they are protected.

My OWN music is may be found below but is generally hidden until release, and may be heard upon request.

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Because I have Degrees (3.9 & 3.89) and several Certificates related to Audio/Sound/MIDI, I started here first in Film, in 2014, doing Sound Mixer and Boom Operator. My big love, though, is in Music Mixing and Music Recording because I COMPOSE! More about that elsewhere here.

Playlist: SOUND for FILM or TV Stephen DeVore (I have also Recorded, Mixed, and Edited Music!)

Playlist/Showcase: Sound in video I worked on

Other Sound Links: More coming.

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EDITING (Video: Film & Television)

I have done it, and can edit - and have taken editing classes, and have used a number of editors - but my first love is Production!

Playlist: EDITING Stephen DeVore - Video (Film/TV), hands-on editing or directing the edit:
EDITING Stephen DeVore - Video (Film/TV)

Other Edit Links: Coming.

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ACTOR & MUSICIAN - Voice / Character Voices / Acting / Singing.

I don't know how many times I was told I should be an Actor for the wonderful/fun fantasy-character voices I did - and for dynamic reading-aloud skills - until I finally went beyond the audited-courses in Drama in college to take dozens of local and online Acting workshops and classes!

I then played Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, and Background in several Films, Ads, TV shows, and Music Videos.

As an adult, for fun, I helped choreograph and perform a story-dance; and when I was a teen, I danced on the 5th Avenue Theatre stage (ballet) which I had taken lessons for as a boy.

As an adult I also performed in many concerts, some solo (Singer), and some as a group (Piano and Vocal) and in several choirs (Jazz, Classical, Holiday, and Pops), from Bass to Tenor (Baritone). (I also composed and recorded.)

Profiles/Resumes (at three typical Websites):

Actor-Singer Stephen DeVore - Actors Access Profile/Resume:

Actor-Singer Stephen DeVore - Casting Frontier Profile/Resume:

Actor-Singer Stephen DeVore - Casting Networks Profile/Resume:


Playlist: ACTOR & SINGER Stephen DeVore, only a few: (I also sang in several choirs, not included.)

Playlist: BACKGROUND list upon request.

Playlist: SINGING/PERFORMANCE list upon request.

Other Actor/Singer/Voice Links: Coming.

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Award-Winning Executive Producer:

Awards won while Executive Producer include Best Picture, Best in City, and others.

I started Producing/Directing in college when taking a Television Studio Production course in 1997, and then worked in Television as a professional Camera Operator for years. I also turned in Additional Music for Score in 2001. And then I finally moved into Filmmaking and narrative-TV etc. for which I have awards and many credits as Producer and other positions, since 2014.

Main IMDb Credits for Stephen DeVore (which only lists some credits and none of the early Television):

And (for this section) a YT Playlist with only a few projects from the IMDb credits, plus some others: TV/FILM PRODUCER/DIRECTOR Stephen DeVore:

Other sections follow with additional playlists.

Other Producer/Director Links: Perhaps more to come.

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I started doing camera in college when taking a Television Studio Production course in 1997, and then worked in Television for years as a professional Camera Operator. Later, I worked in Film.

Since then I have taken many courses in Lighting and Camera, and worked on many projects - as AC, DP, and other Camera (Photography and G&E) - and have enjoyed many aspects!

I started as a teen, playing with my Dad's film-based camera - even attempting - Ha! - to shoot some actual film - and failing! lol. But after taking Photography and Television Studio Production in college, I moved into Television as a professional Camera Operator for years ("exciting" Government stuff), and eventually came to do narrative-Filmmaking and Documentary. I also worked in other positions doing: Music Videos; Narrative, Game- and Comedy- Television; Documentary-type projects; Commercial/Advertising; and "Corporate". Yet... My love for Camera (and Music) is a first love!

Playlist: DP/Camera Stephen DeVore, some:

Plus years of work as a Camera Operator for Television, on a Government Channel.

Other Camera & DP Links: Coming.

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I wonder if I have taken more Lighting courses than any other kind! Work has been from Grip/Key Grip/Best Boy to Gaffer to lighting design!

Playlist: GAFFER/Lighting Stephen DeVore, only a small few:

Other Lighting Links: Coming.

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When I was a boy and after, for fun I composed music and did songwriting. And danced. Later, I even dabbled in film and drama.

As an adult, I became a multi-instrumentalist Musician and Singer, Lead Actor, Camera operator for television, professional filmmaker, and Multimedia content creator & editor!

I helped so many people on their projects, and have worked on project types, such as: Features, Narratives, Commercials/Ads, Music Videos, Documentary (as DP), Movies, Television shows, Episodic, Webseries, and many, many Shorts as a Professional or Indie helper!

I have also done a ton of Music stuff!


In addition to making and recording my own music (Singing, Composing, and Playing), for fun I have edited, sweetened, spotted, or mixed: Rock/Alternative, Pop, Jazz, Dance/Disco, Adult Contemporary, Soundtrack, Big Band, Vocal Jazz, commercials, sfx-to-video, and MY originals!


For fun, I edited, sweetened, spotted, or mixed the following (examples)
  • Led Zeppelin (Early Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, and Soft Rock): At least two: "In the Evening"; "Achilles Last Stand".
  • Nine Inch Nails (Rock/Alternative): "Only".
  • Stevie Wonder (Wonderful): At least two: "Sir Duke"; "Another Star".
  • Matrix (Jazz): "Narouz", from Tale of the Whale.
  • Saturday Night Fever soundtrack-album-selection (Dance/Disco): "Salsation"!
  • The Puppini Sisters (Vocal Jazz): "Walk Like An Egyptian" (cover).
  • The Fabulous Twister Sisters (Pop/Adult Contemporary): "Do You Have to Go So Far?"; "Who'da Thunk It?".
  • Taste of Honey group (Disco/R&B): "Boogie, Oogie, Oogie".
  • Star Wars (Soundtrack): Several selections from the original movie.
  • Rick Brunetto Big Band (Band- and Vocal Jazz): "Save Your Love For Me".
  • Indies! - Several indie bands!
  • The RecW / The Recording Workshop staff music: I mixed some of the staff's music! (when I attended!).
  • commercials (both digital and tape-editing).
  • sfx-to-video. And...
  • MY originals!
  • to list a few, with more below.


In various venues and studios, I have recorded or helped record:
A number of people, groups, and bands, from Pop and Rock to Choir-with-Orchestra, to help create their artistry as musical artists.

I began in Television in 1998, contributed Additional Music for Score in 2001, and became involved in Filmmaking and Film-Acting in 2014, after starting Studio-recording in the '90s.

I have been composing songs and music since I was a boy, and recording since I was a teen (or before), and enjoy recording/mixing/editing and/or sweetening/mastering my own compositions and songs, and others' music too!

I have perhaps enjoyed mixing - and also enjoyed editing famous bands and famous songs - the most. But...

every project is its own world....

I have training in:
  • Music wisdom for: Song-making, Songwriting, Music Theory, Pop Music Theory, Film Scoring, and music performance.
  • Filmmaking and Acting, having taken over 100 related classes, workshops, and seminars since 2014 (and more before that); and having worked on dozens and dozens of projects (even projects on Amazon Prime, Showtime, HBO Max, and others).
  • PLUS: Degrees in MIDI Music Production and Audio Engineering, graduating with Honors, along with the UW/University of Washington's Sound Production Certificate, plus several Certificates from The RecW / The Recording Workshop, Digidesign/AVID, and others.
  • I can SING, play multiple instruments (PIANO/KEYBOARDS, and guitar), and can successfully sound-out other instruments using keyboard and modules.
  • I took college Music Theory, Composition, Arranging, even two Film Scoring programs, plus (my current LOVE) many Songwriting classes!
  • Because... I LOVE to compose music and songs, and to write lyrics!

TOOLS - Some of the music/recording tools used:

I have recorded, mixed, edited, sequenced, and notated using:
  • Multitracks/Recorders (both analog and digital) and other recorders (many), such as: Pro Tools (ProTools), SoundEdit (Macromedia), GarageBand, Audacity, Audition, Cubase; and have also owned Acid, Reason, etc.
  • Sequencers (MIDI): hardware and software sequencers: e.g., MOTU Performer, Cakewalk/Sonar, Roland MC-500;
  • Notation applications: Finale (PC & Mac), Personal Composer (Mac), Sibelius;
  • Also: Film & TV gear and software (numerous);
  • Also: Location recorders: e.g., Sound Devices, Zoom, Tascam, etc.;
  • Also: Various media: e.g., reel-to-reel, ADAT, DAT, CD-R, and even cassette!
  • And other applications and/or hardware: whether for Recording, MIDI, Photography, Cinematography and/or Video.

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