Site Update

Most of the Site Update section is likely to be of little interest to most anyone but the Web Designer (Steward) and to those who pray for and support him.

2022-2005 Work/Business Updates:

The head of AA entered into the world of Filmmaking after a couple of years in Television.

2021:  Contact updates. Updates related to personal matters listed on the site. Some outdated information removed.

2020-2005:  No Website updates.

2004 Updates

The head of AA recorded the equivalent of about 30 CDs of original music from 2001-2004 (and about 40 hours more original music before that), plus recordings and mixes of others' music.   

2004:  Minor Website updates in 2004.

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2003 Updates

!  Next.  Then, 2002 Updates to 2000 Updates follows that.


(Continued on 2003)

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