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(Continued from Site Update)

2003 Updates

12/6/2003  Updated About Us: Other Certificates and Courses; and Conventions, Conferences, Expos, Seminars, and Shows Attended. Updated Events Calendar with a new link to a Holiday Lights document with a changed name.  Updated Buy Books... page to represent no store till maybe 2004-2005.  Changed over Site Update pages by adding a new page for 2003, and fixing "Continued..." links.  Posted.

12/5/2003  Contacted Web hosting company to tell them my counters were not working properly (and hadn't been for many months).  They told me they ran a fix of FrontPage extensions.  Hopefully it is fixed.  Maybe it will fix the problems noted under Note at 4/21-20/2003.

11/25-24/2003  Updated About Us, Memberships. Posted.

6/9-5/2003  Updated About Us, Education; Other Certificates and Courses; and Conventions.... Posted.

4/24/2003  Updated About Us, Other Certificates and Courses. Reorganized that page. Posted.

4/21-20/2003  Found out that JUST OPENING FILES in FrontPage 2002 KILLS the Hit Counters!! Even if I don't save! Very, VERY, bad. Reorganized some items in About Us to be more consistent with page design, and to make information about Conventions, etc., more accessible to a reader. Fixed some alphabetizing. (Updated info. about Hit Counters, and why they break or work.) Posted.

4/11/2003  I added a completely new document my testimony and added a link to it from page one of "About Us". HalleluYah! I also renamed and tweaked some of the site files. Uploaded. Found out that the Hit Counters on Home and About Us stopped working, and have reset themselves to zero, though I had done nothing. Then I replaced them in FrontPage 2002, but they still didn't work. Finally got them to work editing them in Notepad. Posted.

4/10/2003  First update in over two years!  A computer crash in mid-2002 made inaccessible the Web site files that had been designed in Microsoft Publisher 1998 (.PUB files).  Today I downloaded the HTML files from my Web site's host server to a working computer.  (More below.)  I then tried to edit them in Publisher 2002.  It was a mess.  I then tried to start from scratch in Publisher 2002, and to copy/paste the text from the HTML files into the newer design.  I tested one page, the Home page, but though it looked fine in Publisher 2002, it looked like a jumbled mess in Internet Explorer 6.0 in Windows XP.  The mess looked like some pages do when a video card is having problems drawing a screen.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong since the Publisher design had been made using Publisher's wizards, and it was from scratch, the only residual material from the original Access Audio Web site being the copy/pasted text and photo from the Home page.

I decided to try another method, since the first two had not worked within Publisher.  I opened up the HTML files in FrontPage 2002/XP.  This seemed to work okay, though there are tons of table lines that work in bizarre ways.

I edited most of the site files, updated most of the outdated information.  I also updated the "About Us" links.

I'm glad that I can edit my Web site files.  But what a drag, I have to do each document individually (and some within Notepad!).  In Publisher, I could edit one page, then another, and another, then quickly post the whole thing to the Web.  Now it's piecemeal.  Praise God anyway!

HalleluYah! Praise Yah!

2002 Updates

None!  I "moved" on 11/1/2001. After that, I had a computer crash in the middle of 2002, making the Web site files inaccessible.  2002 Updates to 2000 Updates follow next.


(Continued on 2002 Updates to 2000 Updates)

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