Site Update Continued

(Continued from 2003 Updates)

2002 Updates

None!  None at all!  Praise Yah!  See "2003 Updates".  Also,

"2001 Updates", and so on, follow next.


2001 Updates

2/20/2001 - Fixed most About Us links.  (Some Recording Workshop links seem to work only if Copy/Pasted rather than clicked.)  Edited Events Calendar, Home page, and Buy Books... plans dates.

2000 Updates

12/23/2000 - Added Holiday Lights link to Events Calendar.  Updated plans.

11/9/2000 - Updated Buy Books, CDs, etc. page (by hand in Notepad).  Changed Home page to reflect this change.  Made a slight change to look of Home page.  The word "Call" added before the phone number.

Extra - A short while ago I noticed that the registrar of accessaudio.COM renewed his registration, though there has been no site at that address for over two years.  The registrar previously refused to transfer or sell the domain name to me, though I maintain having a TM right to "Access Audio".

For more information, see 3/22/1999 and the 1/14/1999 "Extra" section.

Please pray for me in the Holy Spirit regarding this situation.  Thank you!  halleluYah!  Praise Yah!

8/14/2000 - Updated About Us: Convention, Conferences, and Seminars Attended.

7/12/2000 - Updated About Us.  Added more memberships (Calvary Fellowship, Centrum, dBUG, Entertainment), a seminar, and a workshop.  Changed size of the black & white link box so that the black background was the same size for every link.  Added missing, and made uniform size the "Continued on…" and "Continued from…" links.

6/11/2000 - Updated About Us links.

5/5/2000 - The "Buy Books…" comment on the Home page changed to say that items could possibly be for sale late 2000-2001.  About Us links checked and fixed.  More memberships added (EarthSave, Earshot Jazz).  Some minor rewordings of section to shorten it a bit.  FYI:  Most of the Holiday Lights (under Events Calendar) article links are broken.  :(

I have had abdominal problems; please pray that I may be healed as soon as possible of all my diseases.  halleluYah!

1/7/2000 - "Buy Books…" post (which is hand-edited and manually posted) states to check back in the Fall of 2000.  A few minor re-wordings in various places.  2000 dates added.  Some outdated information updated, even here in Site Update on miscellaneous dates.  Important note about event that occurred on 11/30/1999 added.

(Continued on 1999 Updates (1999a))

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